People talk about needing Motivation to begin their fitness journey Mel! How do you stay #motivated/#inspired? they ask... The truth is, I'm not always motivated/inspired and I've been stuck for months. Yes! I was "psyched" when I achieved my first goal of getting below 200lbs. Since then I've managed to maintain that weight.

It's a lifestyle change, you have to be #disciplined. Develop a routine and stick to it. Get a workout buddy who can push you if needed but I believe only YOU can push YOU for YOU... If that makes sense. I'm doing this for ME!

So... Late last year, I started spinning (because I love to #challenge myself). I hated it, but I'm not a quitter. I made it apart of my #workout routine and now I'm in LOVE with #spinning. Motivation may wear off but a Discipline is embedded. It becomes like eating (a vital necessity) because of this I was able to stick it out and just enjoy the process. I've broken through that barrier, that plateau and I'm nolonger stuck... March makes it 7 months and 24 days and I'm down 70 lbs. Yay!!!

Today, make a #change. We all have busy lifestyles but let's get #active, stay #active, so we can enjoy the life we have worked so hard to perfect. ...till next week..."Keep #rocking it because WE ARE #AWESOME!"

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