I said YESSSS!!!

LOL ... Yes! Finally after 4 years. I said YES! AGAIN.

I know, I know what you're thinking...

Mel, again?

Yep. But this time was different. I'm determined to make this work. I'm determined to stick through the tough times. I'm determined to workout all the kinks this time.

I know I've said it before 👉https://www.evctt.com/post/third-time-s-a-charm

Many of us are afraid of change, afraid of failing or even afraid of what people will say...oh! She's doing that AGAIN?

All those are really excuses.

So... I said YES!!! to change, YES!!! to being a healthier, more active Mel and you can too.

I know, I had you going for a minute there🤣😂, it's NOT a wedding, its BETTER... I'm finally FREEEEEE to be the best person I can be.

Today, say YES! to #change, say YES! to being #active, say YES! to being a better version of yourself.

We all have busy lifestyles but let's get #active, stay #active, so we can enjoy the life we have worked so hard to perfect.

...till next week..."Keep #rocking it because WE ARE #AWESOME"!

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