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Updated: Feb 24

Being on a #restrictive diet, never worked for me. Trust me. I've tried it ALL, from crash diets to pills. These aren't sustainable, they worked for a short time but I soon spiraled back into my old habits.

I'm in NO way an expert in weightloss/fitness... YES! I've lost some weight but I've lived through several attempts and this is MY Story.

My entire lifestyle changed and now includes regular exercise (Weights and Cardio). For the first 4 months because I wanted to reduce my weight drastically, I eliminated these items from my diet :

  1. Flour including pasta and doubles

  2. Sugar including soft drinks and juices

  3. Oil including butter & fried foods

  4. Processed foods including ALL canned foods

Eventually, I learned to enjoy all my favorite meals in moderation and made healthier choices. Last post

Does size really matter?

Also, pay close attention to serving size of each item.

I gave a list of a few changes I made.

Let's expand.

#Breakfast High protein :-a Post workout


. If you are not working out, then you don't have to eat as much protein as I do. Protein helps repair muscle.

  1. 3 hard boiled eggs

  2. Tuna salad

  3. Oatmeal with skim milk

  4. Greek yogurt

  5. Green tea

  6. Lemon water


  1. Mixed granola Snacks

  2. Unsalted nuts

  3. Greek yogurt

  4. Fruits

  5. Veggie Sticks


  1. Any lean meat preferably Baked or Grilled

  2. Vegetables

  3. Mixed green salad

  4. Sweet Potato

For Weight-loss a caloric deficit is required (eating less than you burn)

I started with 3oz of meat 1 cup of veggies and 1 cup of Fresh green salad

#mid-afternoon snack

  1. Greek yogurt

  2. Fruits

  3. Veggie Sticks

  4. Protein Drink


Again, another high protein meal or anything light (left-over chicken with sweet potato)

I spoke about meal prepping, this is important, especially if you have a busy schedule.

I prepare most of my meals in advance for the week. I know, I know some of you saying you don't eat stale food. Well... If you don't eat "stale" food, then it means you have time to prepare food everyday..lol I don't and I enjoy my stale food.

Find what works for you. I've found a few recipes I usually would get done on weekends, so my meals for the week are hustle-free

Quick Snacks

No Cooking Dinners

Trust in the process! Stay Consistent and Follow through with every decision you make.

Go beyond the scale. Taking pictures and comparing my progress after a few months helps motivate me alot...Keeps me pushing forward.

...till next week..."Keep #rocking it because YOU are #awesome!"

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