Third time's a charm

Updated: Jun 28

I'm betting you're saying... here Mel goes again, flooding our

I'm in NO way an expert in #weightloss and #fitness but I've lived through several attempts and this is my journey.

In 2010, at 285 lbs everyday things became a challenge, from tying my shoelaces to coming out the car. I made a #decision to change it. Started reading and researching healthier ways to eat and exercise... this worked for a while but soon I was back to my hectic lifestyle and neglected what I've learned and the progress I've made.

Again in 2016, at 255 lbs I joined a popular fitness group and started again. I learnt  what to eat and how to exercise and the weight melted away a second time but once again I was back to my hectic lifestyle and irregular eating habits.

July 2019 at 260 lbs, I decided this is it... I am determined now to find the balance to life; work, #healthy relationships, sex and an active lifestyle, in 6 months I dropped 65 lbs. Wow! You say? It came with focus, dedication and consistency. Now, I'm more energetic, active and I look and feel younger.

One size doesn't fit all, finding what works for you will take time. It took me almost 10 years to realize a healthier happier body isn't all about weightloss but about finding that balance. Everytime I "derailed" wasn't because I over ate, was because I got so consumed in my career and family life that I forgot to take care of myself.

Today, make a #change. We all have busy lifestyles but let's get #active, stay #active, so we can enjoy the life we have worked so hard to perfect.

...till next week..."Keep #rocking it because WE ARE #AWESOME"!

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